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Blackstone Community Center


Athletics, Health & Fitness

Open, Adult, Senior, Family and Swim Team

Please see the attached schedule for detailed times for each group.

Recreational Swim: Open swim slot for youth members ages 17 & under

Adult Swim: Individuals 18+

Senior Swim: Seniors 55+

Family Swim: This is an all ages time for parents/caregivers/adults 18+ must accompany a child to come swimming

Youth Swim Lessons: Swim Lessons for children ages 5-12

Adult Swim Lessons:
Swim Lessons for teens & adults ages 13+

Swim Team: Recreational, yet competitive, swim team for children ages 7-18

Proper swim attire is required: Swim trunks (no cut off pants or jeans), bathing suit (no shirts), and towels are required. Shoulder length hair requires a swim cap. Swimmers must shower before entering the pool.

Lifeguard to swimmer ratio is 1 to 20. This includes pool deck areas.

Lifeguards: Jorge Figueroa & Ernest Williams, ext: 100

For more information please call (617) 635-5162