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Blackstone Community Center


School Vacation Week Programs

Blackstone Academy Enrichment Program

The Blackstone Academy offers a vacation week programming during the three school vacation weeks - Winter, February, and April. Our school vacation weeks hours are from 8am - 6pm. We provide free breakfast and lunch during the vacation weeks.

Blackstone Academy offers homework assistance, arts & crafts, science, social studies, reading & math tutorial, gym, swimming and after school theater. Field trips are also taken during school vacation weeks. We have volunteers who help with special projects and we strongly encourage our parents to participate in any and all activities. We accept private payments and third party payments, but no longer accept vouchers.

Ages: 5–12
Schedule: School vacation weeks, 8am–6pm
Weekly Fee per child: $75
(Fees include an annual membership to the Community Center)

For more information contact:
Awilda Torres, Blackstone Academy Lead Educator, awilda.torres@yourblackstone.org