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Blackstone Community Center


Performing Arts

Stage Door Program

Young Boston Residents, ages 18-21 will rehearse and perform a City Stage participatory Script and then tour throughout the South End.

Actors will be hired by first week in October. There will be approximately 10 actors total.

Director: Chandra Pieragostini
Schedule: Tuesdays and Thurdays 3:00pm–6:00pm.
Location: Auditorium

For more information please contact Chandra Pieragostini at c.pieragostini@citystage.org or at (617) 542-2291 ext. 4, Program Coordinator Rosalie Norris at rosalie.norris@citystage.org or at (617) 542-2291 ext. 5, or the Stage Door cell phone (always on site) (617) 543-9852

updated: 9 years ago