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Blackstone Community Center


About the BCC

Rules & Regulations

General Building
  • Violence towards staff or other participants will not be tolerated.
  • Name-calling, racial insults and or negative verbal insults will not be tolerated.
  • Swearing, spitting, or smoking is not tolerated.
  • Malicious destruction or stealing of program property or other personal property will not be tolerated. (Parents/caregivers will be responsible for replacing any property that their child(ren) may destroy and/or steals).
  • Littering will not be tolerated. All program supplies and materials must be cleaned and safely stored at the end of each day.
  • Program participants should not bring radios, ipods, mp3 players, walkmans, jewelry or any valuables to the center. The Blackstone Community Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • All Program participants are required to participate in all program activities and events.
  • Concealed weapons and/or firearms are cause for immediate dismissal from the program and the facility.
  • Disciplinary Procedures:
    • Program participants will receive two verbal warnings for disruptive behavior and will be asked to leave the program for that day.
    • If disruptive behavior continues, a written notice will be sent to the parent/caregiver, requesting a meeting with the center Administrative Coordinator and/or their designee.
    • If the behavior has not improved within a reasonable time, he/she will be suspended for 2 days or longer, depending on the nature of the offense and at the discretion of the coordinator.

*Please note: Any criminal activity on BCYF. property that results in arrest will have considerable effect on the administration decisions. Depending on the nature of the crime certain offenses may supersede the Blackstone Community Center’s administration’s decision.

Track & Gymnasium

  • Access will only granted those who hold a valid membership card or paid the non –members’ fees.
  • Memberships Card must be presented upon enter facility or pay the non-members fees
Dress Code:
  • Proper gym & track attire required, sneakers, shorts, and sweatpants. (No street clothes)
  • Appropriate shoes must be wore at all times (No bare feet, flip flops, hiking shoes and or casual shoes allowed.)
  • Suitable non-marking sneakers must be worn in the gym.
Gym Rules:
  • No food & drinks allowed in gym and track
  • No personal basketballs (except for programs and rentals)
  • No spectators allowed on the track
  • The number of spectators will be limited due to seating availability
  • No fighting or violence towards other participants or staff
  • No spitting
  • No horseplay
  • No swearing
Track Rule:
  • No children under 12 allowed on the track with proper supervision
  • Must have appropriate attire and footwear to use track.

Swimming Pool

  • Lifeguard to swimmer ratio is 1 to 20. (This applies to pool and deck areas.)
  • Proper Swimming attire required. (No shorts, t-shirts, sports bras, etc.)
  • All Swimmers are required to shower before entering the pool
  • Swim time includes locker room changing
  • No swimming with infectious diseases, open cuts or sores
  • No eating or drinking allowed in pool areas
  • No running on deck or in locker room areas
  • Access to pool deck through locker room only
  • No fighting or violence towards other participants or staff will be tolerated
  • No street shoes, sneakers, sandals etc. on pool deck
  • No diving!
  • No horseplay!
  • No Spitting!

Infraction of these and other center rules & regulations may result in suspension.